Online Therapy

Online Therapy

If you work long hours, travel frequently, or have scheduling difficulties, these do not have to be reasons for not getting the therapy you want.  Many of my clients have found that the convenience of online counseling allows them to easily commit and engage in therapy.  Using this method of mental health treatment is both helpful and therapeutic.  All you need to get started is a private space, and a good internet connection.

I offer services through Facetime or Zoom a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing website.  It is accessible through your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Benefits of online therapy:

  • You have all the benefits of in-office therapy such as new insights, coping skills, and experiencing a greater sense of well-being
  • You won’t have the headache of a commute, saving both money and time
  • If you live a long distance from your therapist, or in a remote area, counseling is still available for you
  • Enjoy more flexibility with scheduling
  • Online counselling may also be effective in eliminating the social stigma associated with receiving therapy
  • Couples counseling still available even if you are in different locations
  • It eliminates the fear of potentially running into someone you know in an office waiting area
  • Research suggests most people are more comfortable and open in their own home enhancing vulnerability and disclosure

I offer online counseling to California residents only.

I invite you to call me for a complimentary 15-minute introductory consultation to determine if my services will be a good fit for you. I look forward to hearing from you.