Creating Your Best Life Through an Enneagram Framework.

  • Are you tired of feeling stuck in unhealthy patterns of anger, anxiety, shame, or sadness?
  • Are you ready to break free from limiting thought patterns or habits?
  • Do you want to deepen your understanding of yourself and others?
  • Do you crave harmony, contentment, and peace in your life?

Knowing the Enneagram can help illuminate your journey to healing and reveal how distorted beliefs can hinder the full expression of who God designed you to be.

The Enneagram is unlike any other personality typology. Once I discovered my Enneagram type (type 2, wing 1), I gained language that helped me understand my unique story, which led to my fostering more meaningful and healthy interactions. Insights gained through the Enneagram shed light on our true inner motivations, strengths, weaknesses and our longings. It can reveal the filter by which we see life and how that filter affects the final choices we make.

With knowledge of the Enneagram and other tools, you can experience breakthroughs in your relationships and in everyday life.

The Enneagram is comprised of nine distinct personality types:

Type 1 – The Moral Perfectionist
Type 2 – The Supportive Advisor
Type 3 – The Successful Achiever
Type 4 – The Romantic Individualist
Type 5 – The Investigative Thinker
Type 6 – The Loyal Guardian
Type 7 – The Entertaining Optimist
Type 8 – The Protective Challenger
Type 9 – The Peaceful Mediator

Within your type the following will be illuminated:

  • Your Core Fear – the deep-seated fear that you are running from or trying to avoid.
  • Your Core Desire – the desire that drives you to pursue a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in your life. The underlying aspiration that motivates your dreams and decisions is rooted in your desire for happiness, connection, or purpose.
  • Your Core Weakness – the struggle or limitation that you continually grapple with and likely will accompany you throughout your life’s journey.
  • Your Core Longing – the deep and enduring yearning of your heart, which craves a sense of validation, comfort and understanding. It is the central message your heart is always longing to hear.

Your Enneagram type is shaped in part by profound childhood experiences or wounds that continue to influence your behaviors, reactions, and worldview. Your experience created your inner “Wounded Child”, resulting in repetitive unhealthy cycles. These cycles influence your Enneagram type. Your “Wounded child” employs strategies to deal with pain and shame, but ultimately these strategies leave you trapped and more broken.

Yet, inside all of us, another part of our Enneagram type exists, —the “Beloved Child”. Your “Beloved Child” deeply identifies with the Biblical terms of being “adopted and chosen”. As you become more aware of your two internal “parts” your main Enneagram type functions in either the “Wounded child” or the “Beloved Child”.

Through my training with “Your Enneagram Coach” a framework was given to understand these two parts “The Wounded Child” and “The Beloved Child” and then to apply a spiritual exercise to bring the gospel to each part.

Spiritual Exercise – AWARE
AWAKEN to your thoughts, feelings, body sensations and inclinations.
WELCOME these experiences without judgment.
ASK your internal parts what they are feeling and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance.
RECEIVE what is true.
ENGAGE with yourself and your relationships in a new way.



If you are ready to do some inner work to understand your core motivations, thoughts, feelings, and actions, taking the Enneagram Assessment is your first step!

If you have not already taken the assessment here are two options for you: or

I am certified through “Your Enneagram Coach” and love their approach to a Gospel-centered exploration of the Enneagram. I offer a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your needs for Enneagram counseling. I welcome an opportunity to journey with you from the “Wounded child” to embracing the “Beloved”.

Warm regards,
Peggy Burns, LMFT & Enneagram Coach

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