Unloved ~ Rejected ~ Treasured Lies are Always Easier to Believe

Have you ever noticed the negative things you say and believe about yourself? “I am defective”, “I don’t belong”, “Nobody likes me”… It is time to discover the beautiful truth about yourself and let go of the negative self-talk that binds you. This takes place when you discover your true self and value.

During the previous century, the search for ‘self-esteem’ became a centerpiece – a kind of Holy Grail – for many searching for the true self. Many Christians became confused and adopted self-esteem as a measuring stick for their own self-image and self-worth. Webster’s dictionary describes self esteem as “belief in oneself; self-respect, undue pride in oneself; belief and confidence in your own ability and value and personal feelings or opinions of oneself”. Based on these definitions your self-esteem is a reflection of how you view yourself, your feelings in regards to yourself and your successes. When you base your worth on self-esteem, on how you feel, or external circumstances you will find yourself on an unpredictable roller coaster ride that changes with every feeling or shifting circumstance.

On the other hand, self-worth is a completely different way of viewing yourself which does not fluctuate. Self-worth remains secure. Our value to God is not based on any of our feelings, personal abilities or belongings. Instead, God has given you value as His child and calls you His “treasured possession”. When you begin to meditate and replace the lies you are believing these truths can become your reality. One day when I was searching through some Antique magazines I came across the discovery of the Middleham Jewel. Upon reading this, God highlighted to me that deep down in all people there is a treasure that speaks to the truth of who we are. I hope you enjoy the story and the Treasured Possession Meditation can be used to replace some of the negative self talk you believe about yourself.


On a rainy Saturday in September 1985, a British antique dealer set out to use his new metal detector searching an ancient site near the cow fields that surround Middleham Castle. This castle, now in ruins, was once the home of Richard III. Many treasure-seekers had raked over these grounds before, occasionally finding Georgian pennies and a few gold rings. After searching for eight hours, it was becoming too dark to continue. Heading back to his car with his metal detector still switched on, he heard the detector’s welcome “bleep”. Digging approximately 10 inches into the dirt, he unearthed a two and half inch piece of metal which he thought was a lady’s powder compact, common in the 1940’s. Returning home his wife emptied the contents of his bag and began cleaning the “compact”. To their surprise they discovered this item was in fact a highly detailed, gold, diamond-shaped gothic reliquary pendant embedded with an enormous sapphire. Later, the pendant was determined to be a one-of-a-kind piece of 15th Century English jewelry, never before seen.

The front of the pendant is engraved with the Trinity and a sapphire representing a piece of heaven. Along one of the borders it contains a Latin inscription, “Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world, have mercy on us”. The back is engraved with a Nativity scene.

I love this story and share it with you, as it mirrors our life-journey to find a sense of belonging and value. Deep down in each person lies treasure. Like the discovery of the Middleham jewel, many have traversed over the surface of our lives, missing the jewels that are buried there. I invite you to join me in becoming a treasure-hunter, unearthing the treasure within yourself and finding the treasure which is buried deep in others, revealing in each person a deposit of the glory of God.

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